Base Coatings and Finishes  


Reacciones Químicas has a range of resins that offer good properties for the manufacture of anti-corrosion primers or finishes that will provide corrosion resistance in compliance with the necessary tests. The uses of resins of this type range from painting metal fences to specialized piping.


Economical resin for baking in general. It is also recommended for air drying, compatible with vinyl.


Excellent color properties, gloss and resistance to yellowing. It has a wide range of baking, when making mixtures with ureas it gives very good compatibility, hardness, adherence and flexibility.


Excellent color and gloss properties. It has a wide range of baking, when making mixtures with ureas it gives very good compatibility, hardness, adherence and flexibility. It is the same as 140-60X, but diluted in toluene. It works as a plasticizer in NITROCELLULOSE lacquers. It is used in white baking glazes.


This resin is the same as AL-11308-60T, but dissolved in xylene. It is slightly slower drying than AL-11308-60T. It is excellent in finishes for wood with a good shine. It is compatible with nitrocellulose. It is widely recommended for wood finishes. for its compatibility with nitrocellulose. It is used in two-component systems.


Excellent air drying properties, very good durability and resistance to yellowing. Compatible with red rubber. It is recommended for domestic, primary and industrial primary enamels and for the manufacture of traffic paints in combination with chlorinated rubber.


It has good gloss and excellent gloss retention, short drying times. Resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Good stability. Varnishes for wood and staves. Industrial enamels.


Quick drying, good shine and leveling. Formulation of finishes and funds for wood. In two component finishes with isocyanates.


Quick touch drying and hardness development, very good compatibility with acrylic resins. High gloss, flexible and excellent adhesion to metal. Good resistance to yellowing and weathering. Enamels for automotive repainting, fast drying and low-baking industrial enamels. Finishes of two components catalyzed with isocyanates.


For wood, two component catalyzed systems for backgrounds and glossy finishes. Good sanding.


Pitch and phenol resin to give greater resistance to surfaces in contact with water, air dried, is used in funds for protection of metal structures.


Modified resin with pitch. High viscosity, very good gloss and hardness development. It has good compatibility with short and medium resins. Wood finishes, backgrounds.


Short chain alkyd resin supplied in xylene, exhibits good pigment wetting and flexibility, suitable for the manufacture of 2K wood enamels, lacquers, high solids pigmented finishes and low temperature bake enamels.


It has good properties in baked enamels, with nitrocellulose lacquers it presents very short drying times which allows it to handle the applied parts quickly On the bottoms and lacquers of two components are characterized by their rapid stacking and sanding. It can be applied in: Nitrocellulosic varnishes and lacquers with a high percentage of alkyd resin, putties, coverings and quick-drying and easy sanding primers, two-component polyurethane varnishes and lacquers, general-purpose baked enamels.