Integral Policy

Reacciones Químicas is a leading manufacturer of synthetic resins, Gelcoats and related products for the composites and coatings industry.

Reacciones Químicas is committed to meet high Quality standards in its Products and Processes, Safety, Occupational Health, Psychosocial Risks and Environmental Protection, in order to meet the needs of all the parties involved and maintain the operability of its facilities, thus ensuring that everyone complies with internal requirements and adheres to the applicable regulations in force.

To achieve this, the following fundamentals shall be followed:

1. Comply with all applicable legal requirements, notifying the affected areas of any changes and following up until compliance is achieved.

2. Maintain updated and available our Integrated Management System (SGI) based on the requirements of: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2018, ISO 45001:2018, Integral Responsibility (SARI), Self-management of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Clean Industrial program before PROFEPA.

3. To constantly maintain innovation and product development with a focus on continuous improvement and under a culture of effective safety, sustainable processes and to promote the ethical performance of our personnel.

4. We measure performance based on the results of meeting objectives and goals, sharing resources and knowledge to achieve synergy through our Continuous Improvement model, in which all personnel participate on an annual basis using the SDP tool.

5. Maintain a Comprehensive Coaching and Training Plan reviewed on annual basis for all personnel working in our facilities including Contractors.

6. It is recognized and accepted as a responsibility and commitment that all occupational accidents and illnesses are preventable.

7. We encourage initiatives and activities that contribute to improve the lives of all parties involved and the surrounding community, as well as promoting participation and consultation.

8. In order to maintain a favorable organizational environment free of violence, all internal and indirect personnel participate in the compliance with the specific and general guidelines of Security, the Code of Ethics and Internal Regulations as a condition of employment.

9. Any identified unsafe act and/or condition must be stopped and corrected right away by following up on the root cause analysis of the event, documenting all areas for improvement.

10. Promote the development and commercialization of products with sustainable technologies with a focus on environmental awareness.