Carry out research that allows innovations in existing products and processes in Chemical Reactions, in order to offer technologies with properties according to the needs of the resin and paint market.


The Technology department is made up of personnel specialized in production and characterization of different resin families. It is also made up of a product development team with vast experience in formulation and evaluation of coatings. Additionally, there is a technical service team whose main objective is the personalized support to our clients.


Our laboratories are equipped with equipment and scientific infrastructure suitable for the analysis of the various stages of product development, among which are: spectroscopic, chromatographic, thermal and mechanical characterization equipment. We also have specialized instruments for the evaluation of varnishes, paints, coatings and pieces of fibro-reinforced materials.

It is important to mention that the scientific infrastructure also consists of reactors of various scales equipped with monitor systems of various process parameters, ensuring the correct scaling of the different resins in development


In order to offer products based on the highest technology in resins, alliances have been established with research centers and institutions of higher education, through which joint research, development and innovation projects have been carried out. This has led to protected technologies through the industrial property model and the generation of human capital specialized in resins.

It is important to note that our company focuses on technological developments based on the synergy of knowledge and experience of our customers, suppliers and ours.